An INDUSTRY DAY is held during the conference week on Monday, August 20th, 2018. From a world-wide survey titled “Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering” (Méndez, F. D., et al.: Naming the Pain in Requirements Engineering: Contemporary Problems, Causes, and Effects in Practice, Empirical Software Engineering (2017), DOI: 10.1007/s10664-016-9451-7) , the top industrial software requirements engineering problems were analyzed. They form the input for the program of the event. Today’s organizations - private and public, new entrant and incumbent, small and large – can outperform their competition by continuously exploiting the ever-evolving promise of cloud-based computing services, lightweight development tools and agile software development processes. Your organization’s ability to gather, communicate, implement, monitor, and ultimately iterate software engineering requirements, is essential for technology-enabled organizational success.

The Industry Day will bring together entrepreneurs across industry sectors are navigating the expectations, challenges and opportunities of today’s ever-evolving requirements engineering ecosystem. The exciting lineup of keynote speakers, academic, industry and vendor presentations and panel discussions, together with vendor and peer networking opportunities will both inspire and equip you to evolve your organizational requirements engineering practices into a key competitive advantage.


Travis Stevens


Travis Stevens

Travis Stevens is the VP Engineering at Orpyx and has over 8 years of commercial software development experience ranging from embedded systems to medical imaging software. Travis managed a development team building medical imaging software for some of the world's largest OEM companies. Travis has a BSc. in Computer Engineering and a MSc. in Electrical Engineering.


Karl Wiegers

Karl Wiegers, PhD, is Principal Consultant with Process Impact. Karl is the author of seven books on software development, most recently Software Requirements, 3rd Edition, co-authored with Joy Beatty. Karl has delivered hundreds of training courses and presentations on software requirements engineering. You can reach him at or

Industry Day Co-Chairs

Any inquiries regarding the Industry Day can be directed to the Industry Day Co-Chairs:

Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson

Industry Day Co-Chair

Brightsquid, Canada

Prashant Southekal

Prashanth Southekal

Industry Day Co-Chair

Catyeus Inc., Canada